Only 1/1000 combinations fit you

 The combination is unique, just as your swing is unique and that is why a custom fitting becomes so special.

It allows us to find your very own 'fingerprint' that nobody else posseses. With modern technology, we will be able to

find that 1/1000 combination that fits your unique swing so you can play better golf, more often and enjoy the game

even more. Combining my expertise with the latest technology, I will be able to asses your swing during a

45-minute fitting session and build & design a customized set of clubs.

Location: Driving Range Fitting Studio

Price: ZAR 250 / session

Why we are passionate about custom fitting

Sasha hits it longer and straighter off the tee

Well done and congrats!

Talitha hits it straighter off the tee

Talitha booked a lesson and is now hitting it straighter and longer

Let us start you on a journey to better golf