What if a club head design improved your swing path?

The XXIO9 Driver is a very smart golf club.

A golf club that creates better club head lag and a faster release from a tighter swing path. That not only means you’ll hit it further, you’ll hit it straighter as well.

The new MP900 graphite shaft is 2 grams lighter than even the previous MP800

with a balance point that is 20mm closer to the grip. 

The MP900 graphite shaft is made from cutting edge materials utilised in aircraft, launch vehicles, and next generation aerospace applications. The inner and outer hoop are able to deal with the extreme force of the downswing and release.

The face cup has been designed to create a 10% improvement in COR towards the heel and toe.

That means your swinging with a faster club head speed AND the club face offers lots of forgiveness.  

If you’re interested in recovering lost yards and more, or just setting new distance records, then remember added yards AND accuracy make the difference. Challenge us to make that difference to your game.
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